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As a writer of children’s stories, I  strive to introduce humor in almost all that I write. Where possible I like to stick in a moral or lesson, but to always keep it lite. However, my main goal is entertainment. I enjoy writing rhyme as you have probably noticed if you have read any of my work and you must have read something of mine or you wouldn’t be reading this.
Thank you for reading my stories and I hope you enjoyed which ever story you read. And thank you for stopping by my site. Please check out what is new and let me tell you a little about myself while you are here. I would appreciate it if you left a review of the story you read and maybe let me know something about yourself if you wish.

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Dahlia The Dragon

Dahlia the dragon was green, young and strong.

He was happy with life, there was just one thing wrong.

All the other young dragons laughed and made song,

Of how Dahlia the dragon was somehow named wrong.

What would you do if you were a big strong dragon and all your dragon friends made fun of you? Fight!

But fight whom? Well it's off to the castle to roast a knight. After all what's in a name? Let's find out.

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Without imagination and vision people become playthings of the banal repetitive patterns in their immediate world.


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Pat came sure footed as dark as the night,

his whiskers just perfect , every hair right.

He stopped and he sniffed his whiskers all twitchy,

even the tip of his nose and his tail became itchy.

He had this strange feeling that something's not right,

but whatever it was it was hidden from sight.

The thought of fresh eggs pushed all fear from his head,

but instead of the floor he used a side hole instead.

Excerpt from The Weasel From Winslow


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How I Got Here

I was never what you would call an A+ student. More of a C- student. I was always much happier roaming the banks of the Fraser River which surrounded my home on Lulu Island. That is where you could find me, in all my free time, in any kind of weather. This is where I fell in love with nature and the wildlife that surrounded that farming community.

I left school at 16 years of age and joined the carpentry trades, but my restlessness lead me into many different trades and positions from parachuting into forest fires, to the very similar job of real estate sales, though most of my career was in the cabinet industry.

I would like you to know that a lack of success in school is not a good predictor of success nor even direction in life. But rather imagination, motivation and perseverance will pull you to the top…. or at least to the level of Dahlia the dragon.

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